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3/29 Update: Signs are here, but a wise person told me to hold off on installation until after street sweeping. We’ll begin delivering 4/12-ish. Request a sign.

Welcome to my official campaign site! I am running for re-election as Greenfield’s Precinct 6 Town Councilor. Here’s a quick snapshot of my experience:

In my time on the Council I have pursued increased transparency, accountability, participation, and dialogue between Greenfield officials and residents. I’m passionate about our town, the environment, civil liberties, and helping those in need. I have been active and enthusiastic about my Council responsibilities. Check out some past meetings on www.gctv.org for an objective look at my contributions. In the coming weeks I’ll also post some specific examples of my Council achievements here on the site.

In my second term I will build on the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired to continue to represent our precinct and our values. I look forward to your feedback and support.

Committee to Elect Hillary Hoffman, 82 Sanderson Street, Greenfield, MA 01301.